Working together with Community Partners in challenging times and food scarcity

The Winnipeg Police Service recognizes that the Covid 19 Pandemic has caused severe challenges across sectors affecting the health and safety of citizens. Food security in Canada has become a bigger concern. Winnipeggers are facing increased isolation. These struggles and their impact are encountered more frequently by our members responding to calls for assistance.
Winnipeg Police Service recently responded to a call involving a senior in their 80’s. The officers and their Sgt were concerned for this seniors well being and made additional enquiries that revealed that this senior was in dire straits, fairly isolated and had no money for food.
WPS Members resolved the immediate concern and provided the senior with an emergency food box – filled with basic food staples.
• 40 of these boxes were donated to the Winnipeg Police Service by Rapid Relief Team CA in November 2020 for these emergency type situations.
The uniform members and their shift then donated money to purchase over several hundred dollars in grocery store gift certificates for this senior. 
The Winnipeg Police Service also connected this senior to:
• The Bear Clan to register for their weekly food hamper program and
• A & O: Support Services for Older Adults Program
The Winnipeg Police Service is proud to partner with organizations who do incredible work in various neighbourhoods throughout the city.
“COVID has magnified food and income insecurity for marginalized people in our community. The Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre has prepared and delivered over 100,000 emergency food kits to vulnerable families since April to meet this need. We applaud the actions taken by WPS to support a vulnerable senior in need and connect them to ongoing community supports. This is a perfect example of how policing works collaboratively with community agencies to care for the most vulnerable in our city,” said Diane Redsky, CEO of Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre.
Ms. Amanda Macrae, CEO of A & O: Support Services for Older Adults says: “A & O’s programs and services have been responsive to the needs of older Manitobans since 1957. This includes a range of specialized programs that include Older Victim Services to innovative social engagement programs, which are more important now than ever before. COVID-19 poses an increased risk to older adults and causes increased isolation. With population aging, demand is rising for A & O’s services. The agency continues to support older Manitobans in aging well today and post COVID-19.”
The Winnipeg Police Service thanks our community partners for their continued work and support of community members who are isolated and/or suffering from food insecurity, including the Bear Clan, and Rapid Relief Team CA – Emergency Food Box program.