Caregiving with Confidence

The Caregiving with Confidence program provides a variety of services to informal caregivers and their loved ones within the City of Winnipeg.


Time Out for Caregivers

A volunteer will provide a visit to allow the caregiver to take a break while connecting with the older adult socially. It is important for caregivers to take some time to get out into the community, connect with friends and family to ensure they are taking care of their own health.


Telephone Support

A & O recognizes that caregiving duties may prevent some clients in attending community based programs. The telephone based program allows caregivers to connect remotely to access support. Volunteers make regular scheduled phone calls to caregivers to provide encouragement, information and support to let them know that they are not alone in their journey.


Support Groups

Caregivers may feel alone in their journey. Support groups provide a safe environment for caregivers to discuss their situation with others, share ideas and provide support to one another. This group meets bi-weekly and is facilitated by a volunteer.



The Ring-A-Ride program assists older adults in the community get to appointments, social outings and more with the help of a volunteer driver. All volunteers are screened to ensure client safety. Clients accessing this program must be independently mobile (ambulatory).

*Ring-A-Ride program users must live independently and live within the postal codes R3L, R3M, R3N, R3P, and R3T.

Donations are requested to help support this program.




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