SafetyAid: Falls Prevention

It may come as a surprise that falling is a leading cause of hospitalization and death. Each year in the Winnipeg Health Region, an average of 87 people die and another 1649 are hospitalized due to injuries caused by a fall. These injuries can be very serious. The average length of hospital stay for a fall injury is 31 days – 10 days longer than hospital stays for other injuries. (

The good news is that we know what puts people at risk of falling and being injured. Therefore, we can help reduce the risk of falling. You can help by encouraging older adults and health professionals to learn more about the importance of preventing falls.


What is the SafetyAid program?

SafetyAid is a falls prevention program that helps prevent falls and gives older adults a greater sense of safety in their homes. SafetyAid also provides material on how to prevent falls.

How much does it cost?

Individuals and couples 65+, living in Winnipeg are eligible for a free home falls prevention audit. SafetyAid also provides free community presentations on falls prevention.

Who is eligible for an audit and free safety devices?

Seniors 65+ who live in the community and have a net income below $25,000 if single or a combined net income of less than $30,000 for couples. Older adults who exceed the income levels are eligible for free falls prevention audits.

What devices does SafetyAid provide?

SafetyAid can provide falls prevention materials which include: non-slip bath mats, nightlights, flashlights, fluorescent stair tape, ice melt for sidewalks and ice grip tips for canes.

Who Can I Contact?

If you are concerned that an older adult may be experiencing abuse or neglect and have questions, please call:

A & O: Support Services for Older Adults Intake Line
In Winnipeg: 204-956-6440
Toll-free: 1-888-333-3121
Fax: 204-946-5667



Where can I get my questions answered?

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