Senior Centre Without Walls

Free Telephone Group Activities For Manitobans

Senior Centre Without Walls (SCWW) provides educational and recreational programming in a fun and interactive atmosphere where all programming is provided over the phone.

Programming topics include; educational presentations, health and wellness, language classes, book clubs, travelogues and support groups. The free programs are accessed through a toll-free number and are offered during the day and evenings.

How does SCWW work?

  1. You may register for programs anytime during the term.
  2. You will be mailed a letter with the toll-free number to call into along with a six digit program code.
  3. You will be mailed any materials related to a program such as pictures and presentation handouts.
  4. A few minutes before a program starts, you call into the toll-free line and enter the program code and press the pound (#) key. You will be asked to say your name and press the pound (#) key again. You will then be joined into the call.

Who can participate in SCWW?

  • Individuals 55+
  • Living anywhere in Manitoba
  • Groups of older adults may also join


Is there a cost to join?

No – all programming is free of charge and participants call into a toll-free line.

For more information and access to our Frequently Asked Questions (regarding SCWW), please download our SCWW Program Guide below.


Where can I get my questions answered?

Learn more about us, how you can get involved with our programming and how you can contribute.